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Interface Cards

SPEED Control, PWM to 0-10 V, VFD interface Mach, EMC

Tiny Controls presents Interface Cards to interface the CNC controlling software like Mach3/ EMC to variable frequency drives. It is a fully isolated PWM to 0-10 V convertor for interfacing PC based software like Mach3, Turbo CNC, EMC2, KCAM etc to VFDs and controls the spindle speed.

Listed below are a few important features:

  • Turn off of PWM at and below 10% of duty cycle.
  • On board LED indicator for status.
  • No signals are floating even power is not connected.
  • PWM to 0-10V output adjustment with preset.
  • One General purpose relay and one for Spindle speed controlling function.
  • PWM to analog voltage and General purpose relay section are isolated for noise immunity.

Given below is the Interface Card available at Tiny Controls. Please click on the product for details.


PWM to 0-10V (TSR1)
PWM to 0-10V (TSR1)
SKU: VFD-control
Rs 1400.00