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Tstep-484 Stepping Driver

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An accurate compact industrial based step motor drive for steady CNC applications and motor controlling jobs at fair prices...

By chopping the steps of a basic stepper motor, microstepping is achieved. So just by controlling current in motor windings, microstepping can be accomplished by generating number of steps between full Step positions. Tstep-484 bipolar drive can run the motors running on 20 V- 48 V rated voltage and 4A rated current.

Features of stepper driver Tstep-484:

  • A perfect microstepping drive by using sinusoidal current for an accurate motion.
  • Tstep-484 can drive motor with which can run on 20 V-48 V rated voltage and 4A rated current.
  • Jumper selectable drive current for driving range of stepper motor.
  • Optoisolated step and direction inputs and error outputs.
  • When the motor is stopped, there is less motor heating with automatic current reductions.
  • Drive is very compact and less installation space is required.
  • Maximum torque is achieved at high rotational speed by automatic current compensation usage.
  • Smooth motion without resonance.
  • The drive is versatile and can be used with a range of stepping motors.
  • Protection from short circuit.
  • You can use drive with 4, 6 and 8 lead steppers in bipolar series, in half coil or parallel configurations.
  • Made in India.
Stepper Drive Specification
Series Model     :     Tstep-484
Rated Voltage     :     18 V-48 V
Rated Current     :     Jumper selectable 0.7 A to 4.2 A
Microstepping     :     YES
Idle Current Reduction     :     YES
Short Circuit Protection     :     YES
Isolated Step/Dir Inputs     :     YES

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