Stepper Motor Drivers and Industrial Motion Controls

Stepper Motor Drivers & Multi-Axes CNC Controllers

A perfect micro stepping can be achieved by sub-dividing the individual steps of stepper motor, just by controlling the value of current in the windings of motor and generating a number of intermediary step positions (micro steps) between full step positions (full steps).The intermediate positions should be equally divided while the motor is rotating in order to produce steady motion and same torque for all micro-steps.

Stepper Motor Drivers

We manufacture a range of stepper motor drivers from 48VDC/ 4.2A to 200VAC/8A . also available are stepper drivers with integrated motion controllers with RS-485 interface for stand alone applications. Up-to 16 drivers can be connected on the bus and independently controlled over a single RS-485 BUS.

We manufacturer high quality stepper motor controller / motion controllers for applications :

    Rotary Table Controller
    Indexing Table Controller
    Hot Foil Stamping Machine
    Gear Hobbing Machine
    Drilling Controller
    3-Axis CNC Controllers
    4-Axes CNC Controls
    Upto 6-Axes Motion Controls
    RS-485 Stepper motor driver with integrated motion control
    Electronic Gear or Lead screw for Lathe application
    Parallel port breakout boards for Mach3 / Linux CNC

Other Components / Control Cards

We also manufacture many CNC machine components like

    Isolated PWM to 0-10v interface cards
    BLDC Motor Driver
    DC motor Driver
    Rectifier and Filter Power Supply Card for Linear Supplies with Low ESR Capacitors
    SMPS ( Switch Mode Power Supply )
    Pulse Generator with RS232 Interface
    Stepper Pulse Generator with 7 Segment Display
    Simple Pulse generator for Manual Speed Control of Stepper Motor

Mechanical Components

We deal in many Indian made mechanical components like :

    Cable Drag Chains
    T-slot Aluminum Extruded Profiles
    Belt Reduction Gears
    Oldham Couplings

We can design and develop any custom motion controller for specefic application / machine. Proudly manufactured in India.

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