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Industrial Motion Controls and Drivers Made In India

Stepper Motor Drivers & Multi-Axes CNC Controllers

Stepper Motor Drives: A perfect micro stepping can be achieved by sub-dividing the individual steps of stepper motor, just by controlling the value of current in the windings of motor and generating a number of intermediary step positions (micro steps) between full step positions (full steps).The intermediate positions should be equally divided while the motor is rotating in order to produce steady motion and same torque for all micro-steps.

Bipolar stepper motors:

A series of high torque stepping motors, qualities like low inductance value for high speed to driving ratio and a good resolution of linearity for an accurate micro-stepping. Our range of Hybrid Bipolar Steppers include Nema 17, Nema 23, Nema 34 and Nema 42 motors and work in complete match with our step drives. Note: All motors are single shaft, no dual shaft motor available this time.

Parallel Port Breakout Boards:

With all independent opt isolated inputs, a fully buffered parallel port breakout board modeled for controlling CNC machine for PC software like Mach 3, Turbo CNC and EMC 2 etc. Fully assembled and well tested breakout board to interface your CNC to computer parallel port. All the inputs are opto-isolated, filtered of noise and all the outputs are fully buffered.

Air-Cooled/Water Cooled Spindles:

High speed spindle motors range include 0.3 KW to 3 KW, Air/ Water cooled, DC/ AC, ER8 to ER20 collets and speed range from 18000 to 60000 RPM.

Stepper Motor Controllers:

Standalone microcontroller based rotary table or Indexing table controller with LCD and keypad working accurately in match with our stepper motor and stepper drives, a flexible programmable controller intended to control rotary tables not just for simple indexing but can also be programmed for many custom operations. Hot foil stamping controller is intended for controlling hot foil stamping machines and can control three motors.

Multi Axes CNC Controllers:

Independent 3-axes and 4-axes CNC controller for CNC machines with Y-slave axis. It’s a G-code programmable controller with step/ direction outputs for stepper drives. The three axes are X, Y and Z are linear whereas 4th axis is rotary axis. The interpolation function is linear, curve with adjustable arc tolerance.

Mechanical Components:

Cable drag chains, aluminum extended profiles, reduction gears and many other mechanical components used in CNC machining are available with us.