BLDC & Servo

DC/AC servo motor drives for reliable motion controllers in CNC machines

Various selections of DC/ AC servo motors and drives are under development and will be launched soon.

Features of DC Servo Motors & Drivers:

  • Adjustable servo loop rate (1 KHz to 10 KHz) adjustable in 20 steps.
  • Sliding scale following error trip limit.
  • Step multiplier for use of high resolution encoders.
  • Anti-dither with settable region and scaling.
  • Higher derivative feedback for stabilization with minimal impact on positioning error.
  • Useful for high speed applications like especially for speeds up to 80000 rpm.
  • Adjustable tracking-error shutdown.
  • Detection of false encoder inputs.

Designed and manufactured in India BLDC drivers are coming soon, please visit again or contact us.

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