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3 Axes CNC Controller

3 Axes CNC Controller
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CNC motion controller is a G-code programmable controller with step and direction outputs for stepper drivers. In addition to 3 axes, Y slave is also added to system for gantry type machines. All axes can be configured with independent adjustable maximum velocity and acceleration.

An isolated analog (0-10V) output is provided for VFD to control spindle speed. Any two or all axis can be programmed for linear (line) interpolation, any 2 axis can be interpolated for curve (circular) Interpolation or any 2 axis curve with other axis line (helical) interpolation.

Interface the control board with a flash drive to read and execute G-code files, so there is no requirement of PC. There is no limit on G-code file size. Controller can resume the operation on any power interruption saving the current machine position, line of G-code and other status.

All the axes and spindle outputs are buffered and taken out through screw terminals from control board whereas all the inputs are optoisolated for noise immunity.


  • Totally independent single board solution.
  • 32 digital + 2 analog outputs + 1 isolated analog output + 3 relay outputs.
  • 19 opto-isolated inputs.
  • Low jitter 150 KHz Pulse rate on each axis.
  • Constant velocity (with look ahead) and exact stop path modes.
  • Interpolation – linear, arc and helical.
  • Work offset (Work Coordinates).
  • Feed override option (Feed and Spindle speed).
  • Tool offset option (Auto Tool Offset measurement).
  • Jogging via inbuilt keypad (Step, Continuous and Fast mode).
  • Feed hold (pause), Cycle start (and cycle resume), Cycle stop (abort).
  • Home and limit inputs for all axes (can be individually enabled/disabled).
  • Block execution mode (menu / run time control).
  • Controlled feed hold with deceleration to ensure no skipped steps and loss of location.
  • G-code “check” option (Dry Run) and program limit check function.
  • Screw terminal connectors for connecting motor drive, input and outputs.
  • Help menu handy for first time users.
  • Handheld Pendant to display status/settings and control the machine.
  • Intuitive menus with easy to use smooth navigation.
  • Inputs for Limit and Home switches (or sensors).
  • Emergency Stop switch on handheld unit.

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