Single Axis Controllers

Standalone micro controller based Rotary table or Indexing table controller with LCD and keypad for stepper motor and driver

Indexing controller (or Indexer) is versatile, programmable single axis controller intended to control rotary tables not just for simple indexing but also can be programmed for many custom operations. It can work either in simple indexing modes like dividing mode and degree mode or fully programmable with I/O mode. In programmable mode, the “program†can be a maximum length of 170 instructions. As NESTED LOOPS are also supported, actual program can do a lot of complex operations.

Hot Foil Stamping Controller is a programmable controller intended to control the Hot Foil stamping machines. It can control three motors with independent parameters setting for each like speed, acceleration, steps per mm etc are independently configurable.

Surface grinding controller is designed for controlling grinding operations, featuring longitudinal and cross feed. Whereas the drill cycle controller is intended for managing repeated drilling tasks.

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