3-4 Axis Controllers


CNC Motion Controller is a G-code programmable controller with Step and Direction outputs for stepper drivers. The three axes X, Y and Z are linear whereas the 4th axis is rotary axis and can be configured as either A, B or C axis. A “Y-Slave” output is also included in the system, enhancing the flexibility. The entire four axes can be configured with independent adjustable maximum velocity and acceleration. Moreover, an isolated analog 0-10V for VFD is also provided on board for spindle controlling operations.

The interpolation function provided is linear, curve with adjustable arc tolerance. Any two or all axes can be programmed for linear (line) interpolation, any 2 axes can be interpolated for curve (circular) Interpolation or any 2 axes curve with other axes line (helical) interpolation.

The USB host port provided is used to interface with a common pen (thumb) drive to read and execute the G-code files, and does not require a PC (computer). There is no limit on g-code file size.

Controller can resume the operation on any power interruption saving the current machine position, line of G-code and other status. Power up from interrupted cycle offers to recover from power fail, automatically “Homing” the machine, positioning to last location, and resuming from last saved line without losing a beat in the process.

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