Mach3_LinuxCNC Card

Parallel-port breakout boards

Parallel Port Break-out Boards for interfacing your CNC machine to a PC based controller like Mach3, Turbo CNC, EMC2, KCAM etc for CNC controlling. Handmade high quality, low resistance, shielded male-to-male parallel port cable is included in package for interfacing the PC with breakout board through 26 pins FRC as well as DB 25 connector provided on the board.

All the outputs are fully buffered and the inputs are opto-isolated, filtered for noise and buffered. The CNC Parallel Boards are specifically designed for CNC control with features like charge pump CPGD for safety, emergency stop Estop, Relay on. Charge pump circuit operates from as low as 200 Hz to more than 15 KHz. Charge pump circuit can be disabled and the output can be used for other purposes if charge pump is not in use.

BOB3-xx series have differential outputs for easy connection to servo drives as well as stepper drivers, this version also have 2 high speed opto-coupled inputs that can be used for encoder interfacing.

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