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CNC Wood Lathe

Bipolar micro-step driver for stepper motors, DC/AC servo motor drives for reliable motion controllers in CNC machines

Products Under Development

Tiny Controls have many products under development to be released soon:

Servo Drives: First line of products to be launched are DC and AC Servo Drives.
DC Motor Drives: A range of DC motor drivers starting from fractional 1 HP to 10KW.

CNC Machines:
Precision Linear Guide based CNC wood router in 2 sizes (2 feet x 4 feet And 4 feet x 8 feet working area).
A compact space saving but highly productive Metal milling.machining center (PC controlled)
A low cost CNC wood lathe capable of turning as well as engraving rolled into one package.
Please check back again or ask about you specific requirements using the "contact us" form.

There are no available products under this category.