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Stepper Motors are a preferred choice because of their precision of position, control of rotation angle and accuracy of their movement. Steppers, also called as synchronous motor, can be positioned accurately unlike asynchronous motor for example induction motor. Hybrid stepper is a permanent magnet and brushless motor and it combines the principle of a reluctance motor as well. Stepping Motors are 2 phase, 3 phase and 5 phase type and are characterized by the basic movement called step angle or step increment measured in degrees. Two phase motors are usually 1.8 degrees/ 0.9 degrees per step or in other words 200 steps to 400 steps per revolution.

Bipolar Nema 14 to Nema 42 (Frame size 20 mm to 110 mm) Motors

Two phase steppers come with 4, 6 or 8 wires (motors with 8 leads have two separate windings per phase). All these motors can be wired in bipolar mode while 8 wire motors can be wired in unipolar or bipolar modes. Our range of 2-phase motors is available with both 4-leads and 8-leads. To learn more details on how to connect these with a bipolar stepper driver, please click on the tutorial in Help Section.

The high torque hybrid bipolar stepper motors feature low inductance for high speed to driving voltage ratio and good linearity for perfect microstepping. A perfect match to our microstepping step drivers range includes Nema 12, Nema 14, Nema 17, Nema 23, Nema 34 and Nema 42 motors.


  1. While all stepping motors can be driven with bipolar drives, 4 wire motor can only be driven with bipolar stepper drivers.
  2. All motors listed below are single shaft; dual shaft motors are not available.
  3. NEMA standard specifies the frame size in inches. Actual frame size in mm units is also given for each motor.
  4. Convert between Torque units by using our Torque conversion tool provided in Help section.
  5. Download datasheets/mechanical data by clicking on the datasheet link from the following list of motors.
  6. Prices are valid in India. Taxes and shipping costs are not included.


T42H38-1206 NEMA - 17 Six wire Step Motor
SKU: T42H38-1206
T42H38-1684 NEMA - 17 Step Motor
SKU: T42H38-1684
Qty Out of stock
T42H47-1684 NEMA - 17 Stepper
SKU: T42H47-1684
T42H47-1684B NEMA - 17 Dual Shaft Stepper Motor
SKU: T42H47-1684B
T42H47-1504 NEMA - 17 Step Motor
SKU: T42H47-1504
T57H51-2804 NEMA - 23 Motor
SKU: T57H51-2804
T57H56-2804 NEMA - 23 Motor
SKU: T57H56-2804
T57H56-2804B NEMA - 23 Motor
SKU: T57H56-2804B
T57H76-2804 NEMA - 23 Stepping Motor
SKU: T57H76-2804
T57H76-2804B NEMA - 23 Stepping Motor
SKU: T57H76-2804B
T57H111-4004 NEMA - 23 Stepping Motor High Torque
SKU: T57H111-4004
T85H65-2808 NEMA - 34 Bipolar Motor
SKU: T85H65-2808
Qty Out of stock
T85H80-4208 NEMA - 34 8 Wire Motor
SKU: T85H80-4208
T85H118-4208 NEMA - 34 8 Wire
SKU: T85H118-4208
T85H90-5504 Nema-34 4wire Stepper Motor (60Kg-Cm)
SKU: T85H90-5504
T85H156-6204 NEMA - 34 4 Wire Motor
SKU: T85H156-6204
T110H150-6504 Nema 42 Hybrid Motor
SKU: T110H150-6504