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TNC-M13 CNC Controller box

TNC-M13 CNC Controller box
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TNC-M13 CNC Controller box is an independent standalone system for the CNC applications. This model offers 3 linear axes X, Y and Z. The system contains all the necessary components required for CNC machining in a single box making the process quite simple.

The front side of the box consist a cooling fan for cooling down the system, an emergency switch, a rotary switch for power On-Off control, a power indicator and slot for connecting pen drive and for the serial interface with handheld pendant. The rear side consist all the connectors through which the connections are made for inputs and outputs of CNC machine and the socket for mains power which drives the controller box.

The system is enclosed in a metal powder coated rigid cabinet. Slots are made on the side walls of the cabinet for proper ventilation of heat dissipated by the components in the system.

The emergency button mounted ensures the safety of components mounted on the controller box. The emergency button if pressed cut the power supply to the stepper drives and the CNC controller board whereas the power indicator and cooling fan continues to run.

A provision for Y slave for gantry style machines is also made on the request with some additional cost.

Specifications of CNC controller box:

  • 3-Axes-CNC-Controller for CNC machining with handheld pendant.
  • 3 Stepper Motor Drivers for 3 axes. Two options for Stepper Motor Drivers are available:
    • Drive 087 generates 1.2-7.0 A phase current.
    • Drive 484 generates 0.7-4.2 A phase current.
  • Power supply: Transformer + TL-PSB1 Linear power supply board. Following options are available for the transformers:
    • Option 1: 42V, 10A Toroidal-CRGO transformer with transformer rating 300VA continuous.
    • Option 2: 60V, 12.5A Toroidal-CRGO transformer with transformer rating 500VA continuous.
  • USB host port:USB 2.0 port.
  • Communication terminals:
    • Serial terminal for pendant interfacing.
    • Serial terminal (for PLC interfacing).
  • Operating interface: External connectors for connections.
  • Inputs Connectors:
    • Home input connector: 1.
    • Limit input connector: 1.
    • Misc inputs (Tool Zero, Block mode, Start-stop, Hold resume) connector: 1
  • Outputs Connectors:
    • Axes outputs connectors: 3.
    • Spindle output (VFD output) connector: 1.
    • Coolants output: 1
  • 220V Power indicator: 1.
  • Emergency switch: 1
  • Supply voltage: 220V.
  • Fuse: 2A.
  • Dimensions: 400x400x130 (in mm).
  • Weight: 15 kg approx.
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