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Original Wheihong NK105 G2 DSP Control

Original Wheihong NK105 G2 DSP Control
SKU NK-105-G2
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Original Shanghai Weihong NK105 G2 Control System
CNC Router DSP control system

As an engraver motion control system based on embedded platform, NK105 is controlled by handheld terminal and control box together, featuring delicate appearance, powerful functionality and flexible operation. It has the following advantages: with the advanced control algorithm adopted, machining quality is well guaranteed; advanced functions are available, like breakpoint resuming, multi-workpiece coordinate system and file processing information analysis; such file formats as ENG, DXF and NC are supported. It also offers eight-gear multi-segment spindle speed control with functions of manual stepping/ jog and jiggle. Moreover, the system provides multiple software-hardware combined encryption plans with high reliability to ensure the interests and rights of customers.


  • Feedrate Override On-line Adjustment Available
  • I/ O Ports Diagnosis Function
  • Eight-gear Multi-segment Spindle Speed Function
  • Registration Time Management Function
  • Tool Change Function
  • Pause and Breakpoint Resuming Functions Available
  • Advanced Processing Mode
  • Compensation Function Available
  • Supporting Read-write Function of USB Flash Disk
  • System Log Export Function
  • Easy Operation
  • Supporting Standard Three-axis Engraving/Engraving & Milling Functions
  • Arc Speed Limit Function
  • Multi-workpiece Mode
  • Rotation & Mirror Function



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