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Stepper Pulse Generator

Stepper Pulse Generator
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The Single Axis Step Pulse Generator (SPG) is a powerful and versatile step pulse generator capable of generating step pulse and direction signal output for stepper drives. It accepts input in standalone/ manual mode as well as RS-232 serial interface/ auto mode.

  • Serial interface (RS-232) to microcontroller or computer.
  • 16 bit controller.
  • Low jitter 40 KHz pulse rate with linear ramps, preventing the motor stalling at high speeds.
  • Adjustable maximum motor velocity (steps/ sec) and acceleration (Steps/ sec/ sec).
  • Easy to use programming codes.
  • Program sequence is saved in internal flash.
  • Standard step/ Dir outputs interface to stepper drives.
  • Emergency input.
  • Jumper configurable manual and auto mode.
  • Jumper configurable four different ranges of maximum speed.
  • Manual mode available with preset settable velocity and acceleration.
  • Manual mode doesn’t use serial port, can be used in start/ stop applications with switches.
  • Same supply as driver (up to 80V DC can be given to this module, no need for separate low voltage or regulated power supply).

Single axis pulse generator works in two modes:

  • Simple start/ stop using external signals (switches/ sensor inputs) with pot settable Base frequency, Max frequency and acceleration.
  • Serial command input with live pulse generation or storing sequence of command for later playback.
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