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Tstep-087 Stepper Driver

Tstep-087 Stepper Driver
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Precise and compact industrial quality stepper motor drives for reliable CNC and motion control applications at reasonable prices...

By subdividing the motor basic steps, microstepping is achieved. Microstepping is acquired by controlling the current in two motor winding so as producing a number of step positions between full step positions. Bipolar Driver can drive motors at 18 V-80 V and 7A depending on the model.

Features of Stepper Driver Tstep-087:

  • Precise micro-stepping driver using sinusoidal current for accurate motion.
  • Bipolar Driver can drive motors at 18 V-80 V and 1.2 A-7.0 A depending on the model.
  • Driver current is Jumper selectable for driving range of stepper motors.
  • Driver has opto-isolated Step/ Direction Inputs and Error output.
  • Less heating of motor with automatic current reduction while it stops.
  • Very compact design so that drivers require less space in control box or panels.
  • Our drives uses automatic current compensation to achieve maximum torque at high rotation speeds.
  • Smooth motion without any resonance or vibrations.
  • Versatile drive design capable of driving range of stepper motors.
  • Short circuit protection.
  • Driver can be used with 4, 6 or 8 lead stepper motors in bipolar Series, Half Coil or Parallel configurations.
  • Made in India.
Stepper Drive Specification
Series Model     :     Tstep-087
Rated Voltage     :     18 V-80 V
Rated Current     :     Jumper selectable 1.2 A to 7.0 A
Microstepping     :     YES
Idle Current Reduction     :     YES
Short Circuit Protection     :     YES
Isolated Step/Dir Inputs     :     YES

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